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NATURE's Organic Sense
Hair Product

At Rusila Spa we are using hair care products that is specifically organic, natural and most important is safe to use. What is organic hair care products? Organic hair products are actually a range of hair products that is chemical free, synthetic additives free and are formularized without using genetic engineering.


The products that we used in our treatment are under range of organic products called

NATURE’s Organic Sense

NATURE’s Organic Sense

What Makes This Range Different?

NATURE’s Organic Sense Hair Care products are developed under strict quality control environment that involved the production, test, standards of safety and hygiene. The plants that are used in making these products are well-cared where the plants were cultivated under environment that are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers and were fed with natural soil.

This process enables the plants to have lots of healthy and effective active substances. Bear in mind that only product with high concertation formulation will be collected.

NATURE’s Organic Sense

Why We Choose This Product?

At Rusila Spa, we are aiming on giving the best for our customers. Most of hair care products available in the market contain chemical ingredients which would damage hair even more.

Thus, we want to help to neutralize and replenish the damaging hair condition. By using this products  the hair moisture can be attained and help to nourish hair as well due to organic substance contained in this product.

NATURE’s Organic Sense

Using Natural Ingredients

Every hair care products under this range is made by using only natural ingredients as to embrace the natural properties of the substances that will help to nourish hair.

Some of the natural ingredients included are organic olive oil, organic argan oil, organic aloe extract, citric acid, orange oil, organic green tea extract and lots more.

These natural ingredients have their own powerful substances that can help to treat and care your hair.

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NATURE’s Organic Sense Hair Products Are:

Paraben Free

Paraben can cause hair drying, irritating the scalp, fading hair color and cause hair loss.


SLES & SLS are sulphates. The excessive usage can cause hair follicles and scalp to lose oil and moisture which eventually will damage both

No Mineral Oil

Mineral oil can cause allergic reactions and also cause irritation to the scalp

Alcohol Free

Alcohol containing product can cause the breaking of hair, hair become dry and brittle which will cause excessive hair in the end

Synthetic Perfumes Free

This ingredient will take away natural oil of the hair which cause hair to become greasy and dry

Low Ammonia

Ammonia can damage cuticle of hair over the time and cause frizzy dry; and brittle hair

Powerful Ingredients In this Hair Care Products

NATURE’s Organic Sense Hair Care products has various powerful ingredients that can help in boosting hair health thus aid in hair growth. These powerful ingredients contain active substances that can improve your hair health.

Green Tea

Contains antioxidants that improve scalp health which can strengthen the hair.
Packed with vitamins E & C as well as panthenol that helps in hair conditioned, makes the hair look shiny and healthy.

Chamomile Extract

Helps to moisturize the hair. Natural anti-dandruff agent and helps to hydrate the scalp thus eases the scalp irritation and itching.


Stimulates hair growth, target DHT hormone; hormone that cause hair loss

Rosemary Extract

Helps to stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Control excess oil production, restoring natural pH balance thus increase healthy hair.

Aloe Vera Extract

Contains proteolytic enzyme that helps to repair damaged cells in the scalps that will improve health of hair follicles & indirectly boost healthy & faster hair growth

Grapeseed Oil

Saves hair from brittleness, recovers hair elasticity and gloss back the hair. Helps to lock in moisture thus prevent hair from frizz and split ends.

We are not only using these products but we sell them as well

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NATURE's Organic Sense Hair Products