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Rebalancing Scalp Treatment

Rebalancing Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss

It is a treatment that is specialized to regain back the natural balance of the scalp. This treatment helps to soothe and rebalancing the scalp and bring in moisture that helps to nourish the hair as well as helps to combat hair loss problem. This enable the scalp to stay refresh and hydrated.

In this treatment we included various steps with various specialized products that contain active substances and properties which could help to regain back the nourishment of the scalp. Doing this treatment regularly will help you attain long-term results which in turn giving you healthier hair.

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Who Need This Treatment?

Rebalancing Scalp Treatment helps to cater these issues. This treatment helps to rebalance back and hydrates your scalp. Thus giving you a healthier scalp and most important can help to cater hair loss problem. Get this treatment only at Rusila Spa Malaysia.

Those Who Have Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalps can happen due to various reasons. By doing this treatment you will get to know the cause of this issue

Dandruff Issue

Dandruff may happen due to excessive sebum or oil on your scalp that cause the skin cells to clump together and make it visible as white flakes on your scalp.

Irritated Scalp

Irritated scalp usually happen when you used too much of chemical products on your hair thus it makes your scalp to lose its nourishment.

Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss happens when hair follicle lose its nourishment thus disturbs the natural balance of hair. This treatment will help you to cater this problem by giving back the nourishment which will help to regrow back your hair.

What Is Included in The Treatment?

Rebalancing Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss Malaysia | ruSila spa

Scalp Analysis and Consultation

The scalp will get analyzed first to the problem by the professional hairstylists then she will consult on what should be done and the details of the treatment.


The scalp will get cleaned first. The treatment includes nourishing scalp treatment, scalp massage and neck and shoulder massage. Giving massages can improve scalp blood circulation which can stimulate hair follicles thus giving you healthier hair.

Rebalancing Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss Malaysia | ruSila spa - 2
Rebalancing Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss Malaysia | ruSila spa - 3


Finishing will include massaging scalp ampules to the scalp. This product contain active substances that helps to nourish the scalp. Dry and blow setting also included to give the look of smooth and healthier hair.

Result Of This Treatment

Before  Treatment

Flaky scalp because of dry hair.

After Treatment

No visible flaky white stuff on hair, scalp looks healthier

Before  Treatment

Oily scalp, more prone to get itchy.

After Treatment

No excessive oil visible resulting healthier scalp.

Rebalancing Scalp Treatment at Rusila Spa Malaysia

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