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Scalp & Hair Treatment

One of the treatments that is available here at Rusila Spa is Scalp and Hair Treatment. These treatments will be suggested to our customer when they are having problems that is associated to the scalp or hair itself. We have a range of treatments under this two categories (scalp and hair) which is available to cater different problems.

All of the procedure will be carried out by our professional hairstylists where they will first assessed the problem and then suggest the customer on what treatment is suitable for them after giving consultation.

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The treatments will be carried out by using organic hair products as we want to recover the nourishment of the scalp and hair and it is our main focus to replenishing back the scalp and hair condition.

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Our Crown, Our Pride

Do you have busy schedule? Lack of time to give complete care for your hair? Don’t worry! At Rusila Spa we promise to deliver solution for you!

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Treatments Available at Rusila Spa

Rebalancing Scalp Treatment For Hair Loss Malaysia | ruSila spa

Scalp Treatment

This treatment is focusing on the regaining and retaining healthiness of the scalp. Most of the hair problem happens due to unhealthy scalp such as itchiness, oily and flaky scalp. Thus at Rusila Spa, we introduced this treatment that will help to treat the problematic scalp and giving the result that you will amaze.

  • Rebalancing Scalp Treatment
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Hair Treatment

Hair treatment at Rusila Spa is focusing on attaining a good, volumize and healthy hair. This treatment is specifically made for hair only. Which we will try to cater problem of frizzy hair, dry hair and tangled hair. We assure you that end result you have is shiny, well moisturize and healthy hair.

  • Luxury Hair Treatment
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Do You Face Hair Issues Like This?

At Rusila Spa we promise you to help you getting back healthy scalp and luscious hair. The treatments available will definitely will help you to overcome these issues

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Brittle Hair

This issue usually happens when your hair and scalp is not healthy (lose of moisture or dry scalp) which eventually cause the hair to break.

Itchy scalp

This issue usually occur when you have dandruff on your hair. If its not get treated, it will worse your condition.

Dry Hair

Dry hair usually happens when you are doing water activities such as swimming in the pool or in the sea; reaction causes hair to lose its nourishment. This also happens when you use excessive chemical products.

Hair Dandruff

Dandruff can happens due to various reasons such as oily scalp, dry scalp and sensitivity to other hair products.

Hair Loss

There are various cause to hair loss such as hereditary, hormonal changes or environment causes. Hair loss can also happen due to the hair has lost its nourishment. This can also happen when your scalp is unhealthy as well.

Pricing For Services Offered

Rebalancing Scalp Treatment

Scalp Analysis + Premium Rebalancing Scalp Treatment


Luxury Hair Treatment

4 Step Hair Treatment + Hair Steaming + Hair Cut (Price based on hair length)


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